“A Four-Day Series: Who Will Care For Them?”

By Jim DeBrosse

“A Four-Day Series: Who Will Care For Them?”

Ohio’s system of long-term care for the elderly is flawed and deadly

Day 1

Lack of affordable choices, low staffing lead complaints

Turnover rate over 100 percent, some estimates indicate

Almost everyone is or will be dealing with elder care issues

Mercy Siena Woods, Brookhaven a couple of Miami Valley’s best

Day 2

Nursing homes usually prepare for `the game’

Those who qualify often must make deep financial sacrifices

Nursing homes best for those needing special help

Day 3

His wife has Alzheimer’s, and Earnest Prather is faced with putting her in a long-term care facility

But often require more planning, more work and more money in Ohio

Some programs require people to `spend down’

Day 4

State helps pay for long-term care alternatives

Options range from self-care to ventilator homes

Daughter cares for mom in comfort of her own bedroom

Elderly adults live in a family setting, with own rooms

Part watchdogs, part advisors, they aid in fixing violations