The Serpentine Wall

By Jim DeBrosse

The Serpentine Wall

When six college football stars die in a suspicious after-hours fire on a luxurious riverboat nightclub, reporter Rick Decker’s investigation runs up against both organized crime and an overzealous county prosecutor. The owner of the nightclub, local porno king Al Greenburg, also perishes in the blaze along with the escorts hired to entertain the players. The Serpentine Wall is the first in the Rick Decker mystery series. The New York Times Book Review said: “Rick Decker is brash, irreverant, and so personable that even criminals can’t refrain from spilling their guts to him. The author makes detecting fun.”

For Decker, a reporter for The Cincinnati Eagle, who gets a hot tip that it was arson, this may be the scoop he’s been waiting for. So when Orsini, chief of the fire department, quickly files a report attributing the accident to “faulty wiring,” Decker gets suspicious and starts some detective work of his own. What about the sole survivor of the fire, a woman in intensive care whom Rick heard screaming of an intruder with a “red neck” and “red hands”? And what has happened to Lieutenant Griswald, a critic of the police investigation, who vanished shortly after he leaked information to Decker?

Decker finally has a story that might give him the investigative chops he’s always wanted. Only someone doesn’t like an eager young reporter asking so many questions. As Decker moves closer to the deadly truth, and to an underworld that encompasses both the police and a murder­ous secret society, he realizes that he has landed both himself and his girlfriend in dangerous waters.